GOLDON’s Unique Approach and Philosophy

GOLDON achieves lasting results for customers based on a philosophy of full accountability and a multidisciplinary team approach to problem-solving. We understand that most companies are not seeking to retain a full-time team of expert consultants on-site. Our team is deployed for a limited time and only when absolutely necessary.

Offer the optimal balance of training, support, and technical expertise

GOLDON employs the most accomplished experts in the aerospace industry. All consultants, engineers, and coaches are accustomed to working directly with your remote managers to implement practical solutions.

Use a “problem solving” approach tailored to the situation, technology, and people

For GOLDON, every project is unique, requiring a customized solution. We also understand and appreciate that lasting solutions must fit within the parameters of local business cultures and practices.

Provide “On-site” managerial assistance

Practical solutions come from being on the ground. Our team always works side-by-side with your managers on-site to provide key knowledge and technical expertise to enhance production.

Ensure lasting standards and permanent knowledge transfer

We are relentless in achieving world-class standards and high performance. We strive to equip your production teams with all the industry knowledge required to maximize long-term product quality, while minimizing life-cycle costs.

Offer rapid solutions and exit promptly

For GOLDON, solid project management means understanding when a job is done and knowing that the people that we have trained are ready to assume their responsibilities.