GOLDON: The global leader in offshore aerospace supplier management


GOLDON was founded in 2009 by Don Tambling and Goldie Tang, two seasoned aerospace experts.

Don and Goldie saw that increased globalization and sourcing in cost-competitive countries would increase the need to manage increasingly distant suppliers. Their first-hand experience indicated that most suppliers with remote manufacturing facilities were facing unanticipated challenges in overcoming the technological, engineering, regulatory, and human resources hurdles required to meet the exceedingly high standards of global aerospace manufacturing.

GOLDON believes that a sustained approach by a multi-person, interdisciplinary team of experts, with a process view and a regular on-site presence can bring lasting solutions. We understand that multi-million dollar investments in emerging cost-competitive countries require industry-specific and comprehensive oversight.

GOLDON is now a team of engineers, technicians, and support staff headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with facilities in Queretaro, Mexico. Each year, we oversee multiple projects for the some of the world’s most recognized aerospace suppliers.

GOLDON’s Services

  • On-site training and skills development
  • Advice and technical oversight during start-up
  • Ongoing supplier development and oversight
  • Engineering expertise and best-in-class technical knowledge
  • Assignment of experienced professionals to dedicated projects
  • Business development representation for non-competing companies