GOLDON mitigates manufacturing risk 
for new-to-aerospace suppliers

GOLDON provides the essential expertise to prepare for aerospace manufacturing

Establishing new aerospace manufacturing facilities presents unique challenges. We offer the know-how to minimize risks and assist your team in meeting rigorous product specifications and regulatory standards.

GOLDON fully understands the engineering, quality, and technical challenges associated with aerospace manufacturing. We have the expertise to help manufacturers determine the right equipment, software, training, and inspection processes. Our in-depth knowledge of global manufacturing costs and quality specifications will allow you to make more accurate estimates and quotations for new manufacturing jobs.

Solutions for existing suppliers transitioning to aerospace manufacturing

GOLDON knows how to identify and address the key risks associated with a transition into aerospace manufacturing. We can ease you through the conversion process with an emphasis on cost-savings, preferred installations, and personnel training.

GOLDON will set you on the right path before and during production

Precision, quality assurance and punctual delivery are vital to successful aerospace production. GOLDON will ensure your personnel are fully prepared, before and during production. Equipped with a deep understanding of the cultural practices in low-cost production countries, we will support local tradesmen with on-the-job coaching and technical supervision. We will work side-by-side to meet First Article Inspections (FAI) and achieve a successful transition.