GOLDON helps you optimize performance and increase production

We are here when aerospace manufacturing sites need to expand production and/or introduce new components. GOLDON provides the appropriate oversight to ensure targets are met while maintaining workplace efficiency, safety, and quality assurance.

GOLDON helps suppliers maximize performance. We take a “hands-on” approach by partnering directly with your work teams to ensure cost-effective solutions are permanently established:

  • On-site program management
  • Coaching and coordination, including machining & tooling strategy and skill enhancement
  • Conversion of engineering plans into specific instructions for numerically-controlled manufacturing machines, using CATIA and NC programming and simulation
  • On-the-floor coaching and implementation, using GOLDON’s experienced machine operators to assist less  experienced personnel
  • Support for inspection processes

GOLDON’s expertise enables adherence to aerospace quality processes and standards

Depending on the unique situation facing your manufacturing environment, our team is ready to offer technical, engineering, and educational support to optimize production and meet supplier goals:

  • CNC programming
  • 3D modelling
  • Post processing
  • Tool and fixture design
  • CNC machine operation
  • New Product Implementation (NPI)

  • First Article Inspections (FAI)
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Manufacturing process optimization
  • Cost estimation
  • Decision analysis for new equipment
  • Customized coaching and training
  • NADCAP audit and preparation